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Modular architecture, manufacturing according to new technologies

The creations contribute to an environmental balance.

Modular architecture, manufacturing according to new technologies

The world of urbanism and architecture have always changed the models over the years. From prehistoric times to the avant-garde, through the Romanesque or Renaissance style, have left their mark on each of the buildings. In this way, the modular architecture is presented as a new avant-garde model of building new buildings with the latest technologies, which also affect a systematic improvement of the products with which we work. A type of building based on a modular construction measured and well executed, where proportion and form are some of the essential elements to get a good property.

A little-known and multi-use definition

Modular architecture is thus called the set of construction systems whose common characteristic is that they are equal to each other, and the elements are separated from each other through the modules. These building modules usually vary in size and shape of the material, with the main advantage that they are usually replaced.

The use of this type of structures has always been extended over time. Therefore, modular constructions can be found in any area of society, since the materials are also adapted to the perfection of the activity to be developed by said company or individual. An example of this are the construction booths, which serve to temporarily live a person.

Also areas such as education and health have already tested this system of usual construction to achieve a modernity and sophistication in their new building. Therefore, it shows that modular architecture is gaining weight in society, and its use is not only for private or family purposes.

Advantages of choosing a new type of construction

Like all construction within city planning, modular architecture has some outstanding reasons and advantages for building a property. The price of their materials is usually very economical when compared to other types of construction depending on the material. Some components that, being economic, also have the capacity to be replaceable in any place.

This type of architecture is characterized by being customizable, so that the structures do not become only permanent but are temporary constructions. An architecture where it takes no time to do it, and that also respects the geometric precision of its elements. At the time of starting a modular work, the materials are not very heavy objects, so transport to our place of work is essential.

The modular architecture is also characterized by having specific guidelines and complying with all the requirements set for ecological certification. Being standardized units, we can combine said architecture with other elements, creating an original design in our property.

Therefore, modular architecture is a new concept of urbanism designed for new families and with the presence of new technologies, which make possible its realization and which continues to rise. Its versatility, its usefulness and its realization leave no room for doubt when it comes to seeing a final result whose materials respect the environment. In this way, modular constructions are a new way of doing architecture today, and that over time, will gain more ground in our digital society.


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