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The growth of modular construction

Modular construction is a type of construction that is increasingly demanded by more users due to the advantages it has


Modular construction is a type of construction that is increasingly demanded by more users due to the advantages it has. Basically, this is a type of construction where the homes are made to measure, by modules, which allows to significantly reduce the waiting time until the home is delivered, are much cheaper and also much more customizable. In the United States, one of every three homes sued today is prefabricated. In Spain, we are starting little to how but as we have said, more and more people are beginning to look at the advantages of these houses.

This modular construction, apart from being quite popular in terms of housing, also has an important business use. In this case, many are sued prefabricated booths which are used for any type of business. This is a clear advantage for all those business, health or education sectors that need a place where they can develop the activity, that is affordable and that, of course, is delivered in the necessary time. These prefabricated modules they are manufactured in the factory, so that they can then be transported to the place of origin where they have been sued and assembled. All this makes the construction procedure much faster and much more comfortable for both the customer who demands it and for those who manufacture it.

The advantages of prefabricated modules

In addition to the economic savings and the speed with which these modules are manufactured, there are a number of advantages associated with them that make them really interesting. First, these modules can be expanded. This means that, if for example you start your business, in a two module layout and later you want to carry out an expansion because you need a larger amount of land, it is possible to buy a separate module and add it to those already in place. have previously. This is something much more complicated to do in a traditional home, where usually if we want to expand our business we would have to buy the next floor, with the usual expense it has and the obligation of having to buy all the property regardless of the meters that we want

On the other hand, the possibility of customizing the modules before building them, allows us greater flexibility when preparing our business. In this way, if we need to have a specific form or arrangement, we can customize everything before it is built, which is more expensive if we are going to do it in a traditional building, building on a plan.

Finally, the materials used in the construction of these modules are of high quality and we can benefit from a number of aspects such as having a good thermal and acoustic insulation that always offers a greater economic value to the home.


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